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About Me

I have been a practicing artist for the last 22 years. Before that, I worked as a tyre fitter, a factory worker, a lifeguard and a street cleaner.


As an artist, my perennial subjects are landscape and trees, and I am interested in traditional drawing, painting and printmaking using a low-tech, hands-on approach. I use analogue equipment rather than computers, and although I have one ready-built etching press, I’ve also built my own printing presses in various sizes. You can find out more about those here


Over the years I have facilitated workshops and projects for a wide range of participants, including people with disabilities, autistic people and people living with dementia. You can find out more here.

For the last 13 years, I've rescued ex-racing greyhounds. My first hound was a gentle giant called Kelly. Next came Gunner, who claimed the bed, the sofa and as many tennis balls as he could get his paws on. Now I'm minion to Auburn, whose hobbies include shredding toilet rolls, stealing my slippers and screaming at squirrels.

Kelly & Monkey.jpg
Bring it on!.JPG
Crazy Auburn.jpg

With my wife, author Emma Pass, I'm currently building a camper van called Vera so we can take Auburn on adventures around the UK and beyond, and find new landscapes to inspire my art.

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